Hello and warm welcome!

I'm Simona, an aspiring designer and a creative soul.

Since I can remember myself, I was always writing. Short or long stories, poems or thrillers or even plays. When I grew older, I kept participating in various projects where I could express myself creatively. And now I'm here- still writing, still creating and still enjoying the world.

With this professional profile I decided to highlight some of my written articles, since I want to build my future that involves writing and I also show some of the designs that I did.




My professional skills include visual communication, social media, design and interaction. These are the areas that I have a fundamental knowledge and how to use them in a professional manner.


My area of focus involves people and creativity. Creating creative and inspiring content for the crowd is what I intend to target.





I always imagined myself working in a creative environment. That could include advertising agency, PR firm, design agency or editorial of some magazine.

But at the moment I would like to study more, I would like to apply to top-up in communication design and graduate with a bachelor degree. And then finally I could combine the things I love- writing and design and build my future career.

My skills

MS Office






Here you can check out some of the projects that I've done. I love working with different textures, patterns and colours, as you can see. My works usually involve a mix of everything. They might be minimalistic, or very groovy 70's style.

And here

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