Hello and warm welcome!

I'm Simona, an aspiring designer and a creative soul.


I enjoy spending my time creatively whether it is writing , drawing, or cooking. I am also big nature lover, I love sea and forests, it calms and inspires me.


I consider myself as a positive person with an ambition to learn and experience new things.






My interests vary from fashion to urban gardening. From art to biking.

But my biggest interest and passion is writing. This is the field where I can fully express myself.

At the moment I am managing art blog 'Alternative Copenhagen' where I am writing about underground events around Copenhagen. So I am confident we would find something in common!

Download my CV

Here you can check out some of my works. I love working with different textures, patterns and colours. My works usually involve a mix of everything. They might be minimalistic, or very groovy 70's style.